Looking for a Pay As You Go WiFi service?
WiFi Internet connections for city centre apartments and hotspots. No contract required just broadband when you need it at the right price. City PAYG provides a Pay As You Go WiFi service on a temporary or permanent basis for today's new inner city residents. Use the same access code to get online at home in your apartment, staying with a friend or at city hotspots. The City PAYG networks are serviced by 1stHotspot.com an experienced WiFi provider at caravan parks and canal marinas throughout the UK.
Do you own short let city centre apartments?
Providing your tenants with a Pay As You Go WiFi service can give you a competitive edge in the current market. Todays inner city residents demand constant access to the Internet and are generally not prepared to enter into the long term contracts offered by conventional Internet service providers. Mobile 4G broadband fills some of the demand but can be expensive when used for residential broadband connections.
About us | What we do
City PAYG and 1stHotspot have been providing reliable Internet services in city apartments, caravan parks and canal marinas since 2006. The partnership business models we offer are designed to suit the many different situations where Wifi connections are resold to the public and range from the traditional hotspot to fully managed networks providing an Internet service directly to your tenants. If you'd like to discuss the possibilties in more detail give us a call on 0115 860 2264 or send us an email and we'll get back to you.
WiFi for City Centre Apartments | Image courtesy of Queen Street Apartments
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